Saturday, June 02, 2012

Summer time!

Wow. I haven't posted anything here since January! We have been busy busy since the holidays. Alex and Wil are doing well with karate and have both gotten their orange belts (8th kyu). Alex participated in his first kids tournament and seemed to enjoy it. He worked very hard. Alex is wrapping up first grade and in one week he will be a second grader! He has done very well in school and really likes math and science (and is very good at it I will add!). I wish I knew where all that time has gone.... Fletcher is almost 3! He has developed such a funny and cute personality. He is quite the jokester and will do goofy things to get a laugh. He adores his big brother and wants to do everything with him (and Alex likes Fletcher quite a bit too). He loves going to the park and has no fear for any slide or thing to do there. We go quite a bit so both boys can get their wiggles out. Grandma Betty (ma, gra) left us in March and boy do we miss her. Things are just so different now without her, but I know that she is watching over my boys and I am so happy that they got to spend time with her. We took in her cat, Jingles, and that has been fun. He is a very good cat and the boys love playing with him. Clifford just ignores him for the most part and Jingles will attempt a right hook at Clifford once in a while, but overall they just coexist peacefully. We planted our first vegetable garden today (well part of it). We put in a raised bed garden with tomatoes, peppers, broccoli (per Alex's request), romaine lettuce, onions, carrots, and radishes. We are going to have several container gardens with some more tomatoes, peppers, and various herbs on the deck. It was a lot of fun to get that going today and we are looking forward to fresh vegetables this summer! So between work, school events, home chores and fix up projects, and playtime, we have had our hands full. We intend to spend a lot of time this summer playing outside, camping, geocaching, and grilling.

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